AR processing costs 3-5%

But it shouldn’t.

Speedchain digital receivables

 Lowers the cost to 1.5%

Secures your transaction data

Accelerates payment timeline

Lockboxes are expensive, slow, lack security, and are a hassle for your team and your customers​

  • High bank and third-party fees make it expensive

  • Traditional process, mail and delivery options make it slow

  • Lack of modern data infrastructure and vulnerable processes subject to unchecked personnel make it insecure

  • Complicated processes that require manual reconciliation and inefficient workflow make it complicated

Speedchain digital receivables costs less, are more secure, and easier to use

  • Eliminating manual processes and traditional workflow along with industry best processing rates results in AR that​ costs less

  • Digital payments can take as little as one day—getting you your money faster

  • Transaction tracking on a cloud native data platform is significantly​ more secure​

  • Digitized AR means your customers can pay with a couple clicks of button from an email, making it much easier to use

Ready to learn more about how Speedchain can improve your business' AR experience?

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