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Speedchain offers industry leading credit and debit products to our members and in four easy steps, you can go from applying for your card to issuing cards to your employees. Let’s discuss submitting an application to open an account with Speedchain. 

Invite code

Your journey with Speedchain begins by requesting an invite code. This request will allow our Member Services team to contact you and begin the account application process to receive your enterprise debit or credit cards. 

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Fill out application

The account application will require providing a legal company name and EIN number and identifying and supplying details for a primary authorized person, beneficial owner, and account administrator. On rare occasions, a manual application review may be triggered during the application process, requiring additional documentation to be supplied by the administrator in Step 2.


During the application process, your business will be automatically submitted to an automated KYB process. Similarly, the primary authorized user and the beneficial owner will be automatically submitted to a KYC process. 

Upon submitting your approved application, the person you identified as your administrator will receive a secure invitation to begin setting up your new account.

Onto step 2. Account setup

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