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Speedchain platform

Speedchain has completely reimagined the B2B payment experience—decreasing the friction in digitally transacting with your suppliers

Virtual on-boarding

Speedchain can onboard your suppliers and vendors in minutes. Digital, simple, and easy to use.

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Speedchain Pay

Easily upload and pay thousands of suppliers, at once, with a single file. Choose from payment types like Check, ACH, and Virtual cards to fit your specific payment needs. Help mitigate fraud risk in your card portfolio through Speedchain virtual cards and a single-use card number will be generated on your behalf.

Speedchain Digital Receivables (SDR)

Decrease cost by replacing costly physical processes, like lockbox, with Speedchain virtual accounts. Speed up your time to receive funds by easily issuing requests for payment to your vendors and allowing them to pay through our secure, online portal.

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The Speedchain platform can help you decrease the time to reconcile by providing digital transaction tracking, and making transaction data visible and easy to use. Reconcile payment issues quickly, so you can get back to business.

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