How secure is your payment system?

Robust security

Speedchain can help you secure your company’s data, and protect against BEC (business email compromise)*, fraud, and ransomware. We’ll help you mitigate risks with real-time threat tracking and threat vector processing built-in.


Lost to business email compromise in 2020*



Average time to contain a data breach**


Average cost of a data breach**

Our connected payment platform guards against key business threats


Email compromise

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Duplicate payments

Frame 6.png

Phishing attempts

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Costly manual errors

$7.5 million

In duplicate payments prevented by Speedchain in 2021

*BEC is the highest-grossing type of cybercrime. The FBI reports cyber-criminals made $1.9B in 2020 from BEC. 

** Average cost of a data breach in the United States, 2021 report from IBM 

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