One Solution for Enterprise Transactions

SpeedChain provides Payment Optimization for your Enterprise through Efficiency, Security and enhanced Communication

SpeedChain Technology
SpeedChain PayFabric

SpeedChain PayFabric is an architecture and set of commercial payment services that provide capabilities across a choice of endpoints.​

SpeedChain PayFabric simplifies and integrates payment management to enrich enterprise data.

Data on a Touch Pad
Bluchip Atomic Transactions

SpeedChain utilizes the best of a secure private blockchain infrastructure to connect transaction, user and contract data together in a simultaneous and fully distributed record (or ledger) that all parties see immediately.

It is called Atomic Transactions (or ledgering) and will transform (and simplify) the way businesses pay one another. Changing forever reconciliation, settlement and record keeping. 

Data = Dollars.

SpeedChain captures valuable data sets including vendors, suppliers, pricing and performance. PayFabric enables a new and significant source of revenue by monetizing AP, while driving cost reduction and process improvements..


SpeedChain owns proprietary technology that secures and automates your transactions, validates data ownership and chain of custody to provide enhanced security through a private blockchain ecosystem.


The SpeedChain Payment Gateway supports multiple payment types within the fabric to create a true Integrated Payables Platform.


SpeedChain PayFabric allows enterprises to consolidate legacy systems into a single, highly configurable payment hub that can be deployed quickly, efficiently and with the highest level of security. The SpeedChain Payment Gateway Supports multiple payment types to create a true Integrated Payables Platform.