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Learn more about Speedchain

  • What is Speedchain?
    Speedchain is FINTECH with a vision of modernizing how companies buy and pay using traditional payment rails and emerging technologies like smart contracts. We built our solution from the ground up as a cloud-native payments platform that allows us to deliver secure, efficient payment services to our members. Our goal is to improve efficiencies, increase transaction transparency and provide deep insights into how companies buy and pay for private and governmental institutions.
  • What solutions does Speedchain offer?
    Accounts payable software - Speedchain’s accounts payable software helps members send payments via card, ACH, and check with the click of a button. Commercial cards - Our “OneCard” is a Mastercard and Speedchain collaboration that allows members to utilize unlimited physical or virtual cards. Online payments - We provide members with the industry's lowest processing rates when accepting card payments and provide a dedicated dashboard to consolidate all the transaction data.
  • What should I know about Speedchain’s accounts payable solution?
    We’re passionate about delivering innovation to this corner of the financial ecosystem. Our patented innovations allow our members to use Speedchain’s accounts payable software to send payments with speed and accuracy while having the peace of mind of knowing the platform will prevent costly manual errors and flag malicious activity like payment fraud and business email compromise (BEC).
  • What should I know about Speedchain’s OneCard?
    The OneCard is a corporate spend card backed by a data platform that provides precision control and real-time transaction updates. It eliminates back-office processes that can introduce delays and errors in the payment and reimbursement workflow. Speedchain’s OneCard can be issued as a physical card as well as a virtual card that can be added to mobile wallets. Every card purchase is immediately visible on the platform in an insight dashboard which members can use stand-alone or in sync with our accounts payable software. Members can organize cards into operating groups to manage spend to budget. Members use Speedchain’s OneCard to save time, earn cash back, and control every aspect of their expenses. Instead of waiting until the end of the month to review budgets and expenses, the Speedchain OneCard provides members with front-end control to give teams the ability to act with speed.
  • Does Speedchain offer online payment solutions and what is unique about it?
    Speedchain has partnered with the leading online payments provider in the marketplace. Speedchain’s value add is linking this competitively priced capability into a unified payments platform providing access to transaction detail in an engaging mobile and web-based UI and providing deep insights on those transactions. Our analytic widgets can deliver better insights and better access to your customer's online spend behaviors without giving you yet another reporting system to use. If you accept card payments, you already know that the processing fees can be a nightmare. Members use the Speedchain online payments platform to reduce their fees and access real-time data to stay up to date with their incoming payments and customers' purchasing trends.
  • What are the benefits of Speedchain’s encrypted chat?
    Speedchat allows members to communicate with suppliers and employees in the field securely. It provides an extra layer of security, especially when sharing sensitive information such as payment information or account details. It is also mobile-friendly, so associates in the field can send and receive business-critical information safely without being tied to a desktop application. With payment fraud types such as business email compromise running rampant across industries, knowing that bad actors can't insert themselves in your payment process gives peace of mind to everyone involved.
  • How can Speedchain help my company/agency?
    Our approach is to fully understand our members' challenges so we can recommend the right-sized solutions. Our products and services are designed to solve a wide variety of challenges in payments, so whether you are tackling one problem or many, Speedchain can help you become more efficient and productive with your payment processes with a few simple onboarding steps.
  • I’m sold! Tell me about the sign-up process.
    Speedchain has a digital onboarding experience that takes minutes to complete. Our member success team can take you through every step of the platform during the sign-up process to have you on your way to using all our product features immediately after onboarding.
  • Does my business need to be a certain size to become a member?
    No. Speedchain is free-to-use and designed to be as simple or complex as members need it to be. Whether you are a team of one or hundreds, our platform will help save time and money, and reduce fraud and manual errors in your payment activities.
  • What if some of my suppliers still prefer check payments?
    No worries at all! Speedchain’s accounts payable software comes with a fully managed check solution that allows members to send checks with the click of a button. We actively monitor check payments to speed up the process. If a check shows signs of being lost or stolen, we quickly intervene so you and your partners are not left waiting.
FAQ & answers about Speedchain
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