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We believe in better

Better outcomes. Better service. Better security. A better product.

Our members come first.  When our members succeed, we succeed. It’s that simple, so we are dedicated to delivering products that have clear positive impact for our members.

Members come first

Collaboration, inclusion, and openness is at the core of how we work. “Every day you will meet someone who knows something you don’t.” So, we learn, we build, we meet challenges and succeed together!

Speedster Culture  

Communicate honestly, directly and with constructive intent, knowing that you are in an environment that is supportive. Look to your left and right and know that the commitment you make is returned with a ton of people who have your back.

Integrity and Accountability

We embrace the creativity of “better,” it permeates what we do. And we are grateful that our Speedster team brings who they really are, to our community. Taking initiative, knowing that the products we deliver are a reflection each Speedster, is how we approach everyday. 


We aspire to be excellent in every facet of what we do. We believe our members expect it, and know that we are committed to it.


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