We have a passion for accelerating results.

Through our partnerships, we’ve mastered seamless integration of your payment systems which drives efficiency, increases profitability and ensures security.

How SpeedChain Adds Value for Our Partners

Lowers Fraud Risk

Lowers fraud risk by digitizing on a private blockchain

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Frictionless Payments
Optimize Payment
Payment Processing
Business Continuity

Atomic transactions mean less friction for reconciliation as data populates automatically

Scheduling to maximize rebates and dynamic discounting

Syncing payment intermediaries and processes through advanced data capture, custody and tracking

Built in critical business continuity for enterprise payments

Capture Valuable Data

Data sets on vendors, suppliers, pricing and performance

Exclusive Partner Value
  • Smart contracts for business logic and transactions

  • Smart contracts for reporting, approved third parties and regulators

  • Proprietary identity creation and tracking within distributed, immutable permissioned nodes

  • AI and machine learning for data visibility and predictive analytics